We help you retire with calmness and clarity.

Retirement Planning

Financial Planning with you in mind.

John & Laura

Ready for Retirement

Wrapping up both their careers soon

Want to organize their savings to create monthly income to replace their paycheck.

Optimizing for tax efficiency, volatility and Social Security are important.

Amy & Dave

Work Optional

Love their profession and never want to quit.

Prioritizing, creating a plan to make work optional in five to seven years.

Want to be flexible with when they completely stop working.


Single & Meaningful

Traditional retirement in ten years or less.

Needs special consideration for retirement as a single person.

Will prioritize goals of traveling extended periods between distant family member locations and giving gifts to her nephews.

We're stuck on the Golden Rule

We create plans as if we were making them for ourselves. Large corporations tend to leave people nameless, but not us. People matter, and providing real value for our clients is our passionate pursuit.

We are people who work with people, not numbers. Your goals are unique, and you deserve someone to understand your details and to be thorough and thoughtful.

We want to help you do better.

Possibilities for improvement exist. You might lower your tax bill, invest smarter, create a reliable income for retirement or make a wise social security choice.

Prepare for life
after work.

Questions People Ask

Who's a good fit?

  • You are planning to retire within ten years.

  • You’re looking to delegate your planning and investments to one dedicated team.

  • You want a proactive team that is watching blind spots and opportunities.

How does Brindle & Bay make money?

The cost of our professional services is based on a percentage of the value of the investments we manage. This is debited directly from your investment account and includes ongoing retirement and tax planning, plus many additional services. Most people find this to be about 1% per year.

We are big on transparency, so your statements are clear and straightforward. One benefit of our fiduciary commitment to our clients is that we disclose any conflicts of interest, so you know you are working with a trusted team that works in your best interest.

We also begin a new relationship with a one-time planning setup cost. This varies depending on your needs and complexity and is discussed during your first no-cost explore session meeting.

Want to learn more? Talk to us.

Do you offer pro-active tax planning?

Yes. Filing your taxes is the practice of looking backwards.  Tax planning looks forward and takes a big picture look at strategies that help you to be tax efficient.

This often means helping you save tax efficiently before you retire and spend tax efficiently when you withdraw.

You (or your tax preparer) will still be responsible for filing your return.

Do you offer a one-time fee plan?

Due to time constraints, we do not offer one-time hourly fee plans.

Have a question not listed here?


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