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A financial plan is not a stack of papers, but rather a framework to follow that creates clarity, purpose, and directives to serve as your due north.

Our planning framework addresses five key areas:



Tax Planning

Health Care


+ Explore Brindle & Bay

Before you become a client, you’ll schedule a phone call with Connie Davis (she also happens to be the Chief Happiness Officer) so we can learn what you’re hoping to accomplish. If we might be a good fit, we’ll prepare to meet for an Explore Session with the team. 

During the Explore Session, we have three goals:

1. You to feel great about meeting with us.
2. Would we be a good fit for each other?
3. You learn everything you need or want to know about Brindle & Bay services and our Money Master Plan® process. 

If we mutually feel we can be of beneficial service to you then we will engage in planning and meet again to get started with the Design session.

+ Design

We will begin with an exercise called "Money Means." This task will help you develop your money vision statement, which will act as your North Star. This also allows us to get to know you as individuals with unique aspirations and financial stories. 

We will explore your unique financial narrative and answer your most pressing questions as we learn which essential items can help you get the most from your plan. 

A financial plan can be as simple as a set of steps or directives that keep you on track. Your one-page snapshot will stay front and center–helping you stay the course.


The Money Master Plan® is a holistic framework that ensures you've covered your most important areas: 

Income Distribution – Create a steady monthly income that optimizes your Social Security, increases for inflation, considers the tax impact of withdrawal order, and aligns with your unique spending narrative. 

Investment – Align your investment portfolio to support your goals, including increasing your withdrawals to allow your lifestyle to keep up with inflation. 

Tax Plan - You will have a forward-looking analysis of key areas to address and recommendations to optimize your plan, including our annual tax filing analysis. 

Healthcare – Make provisions for the two primary phases of healthcare needs within your plan, Medicare years and extended healthcare needs. 

Legacy – We help you choose between a trust or will and connect you to an attorney group that can complete the necessary legal documents.

+ Refine

We want you to completely “buy-in” to your plan. A refining period of a few weeks allows time for the goals you’ve created to settle in, follow-up questions can be asked, and sometimes, components of your plan need to be analyzed or strategized. 

A series of future financial planning tasks are prioritized and scheduled as we wrap up the initial plan set-up and set the stage for our ongoing service to begin!

+ Service

We're always in touch, just a phone call or email away. 

We meet in the Spring to discuss your progress, get updates from you, and, if you're retired, adjust your monthly withdrawals for the upcoming year.  You'll hear from us after tax season so that we can review your tax filing.

Then, we'll reach out again in the fall to shore up any end-of-year items, usually tax planning tasks.

Value 1

Our expert advisors bring tangible value to your retirement plan, optimizing investments and minimizing tax burdens; but getting started costs nothing.

Value 2

We understand the importance of trust. Our advisors prioritize transparency, showcasing expertise, credentials, and a dedication to your best interests.

Value 3

Even with financial know-how, our advisors offer specialized insights and unbiased advice that complements your expertise.

In brief:

Collaborate for calmness and clarity.

We’re an experienced partner in your corner, helping you organize and understand your financial picture.

You’re in control, but we’re always on watch. Your money is at your fingertips while we monitor the plan.

Boutique service with big-firm abilities.

Based in Frisco, Texas, we serve clients nationwide. We’re detailed and personal and use the latest technology for a beautiful user experience.

Experience and dedication on your side.

You'll work with a primary advisor, plus have the support of our collective team, which includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS® and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFP®, CFA). 

A third-party custodian independently protects and insures your assets.


Common queries and concerns.

Who's a good fit?
  • You are planning to retire within ten years.
  • You’re looking to delegate your planning and investments to one dedicated team.
  • You want a proactive team that is watching blind spots and opportunities.
How does Brindle & Bay make money?

The cost of our professional services is based on a percentage of the value of the investments we manage. This is debited directly from your investment account and includes ongoing retirement and tax planning, plus many additional services. Most people find this to be about 1% per year.

We are big on transparency, so your statements are clear and straightforward. One benefit of our fiduciary commitment to our clients is that we disclose any conflicts of interest, so you know you are working with a trusted team that works in your best interest.

We also begin a new relationship with a one-time planning setup cost. This varies depending on your needs and complexity and is discussed during your first no-cost explore session meeting.  

Do you offer pro-active tax planning?

Yes. Filing your taxes is the practice of looking backwards.  Tax planning looks forward and takes a big picture look at strategies that help you to be tax efficient.

This often means helping you save tax efficiently before you retire and spend tax efficiently when you withdraw. 

You (or your tax preparer) will still be responsible for filing your return.

Do you offer a one-time fee plan?

Due to time constraints, we do not offer one-time hourly fee plans.

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