We miss the days when we knew our banker or neighbor.

And we interacted with the same people season after season.

I grew up in a modest midwestern home

and was influenced by my grandfather. He was a bricklayer who retired at 61 and enjoyed many years of life after work.

I learned that the next phase could be the best time of life, and should be planned for carefully.

His example and my first career as a full-time pastor in Texas for ten years instilled in me the principles I live by today.

The Golden Rule is central:
Put yourself in other people's shoes.

Treat them as you would treat yourself. Do your best to help them feel the value of how you serve them.

All of us at Brindle & Bay live by these same principles.

Nick Davis


We want you to feel good about your next phase.

Our vision is to create a rewarding, meaningful retirement journey for every individual.

We do that through creating well-thought-out plans.

Financial planning is a process.

Many people don't have a financial plan.

That’s because many times plans are confusing, impractical, or really a sales pitch in disguise.

But good planning is simply a framework that combines your money goals with your real-life experience.

What will life after work look like for you?

Our planning framework includes retirement income, investment, tax efficiency, healthcare considerations & legacy planning.

Most of your key risks and opportunities to improve exist within these five areas.

Now's your chance to create more time.

Make your impact.

We don’t want to be run of the mill financial advisors.

It’s our duty to be proactive about your planning opportunities, risks and blind spots.

Advisors should not merely create a plan, but also promote realizing those goals by helping you stay the course.

Goals should be prioritized and kept at the forefront of your progress report updates.

We believe things should be clear & transparent:

Investment statements should be easy to read, conflicts of interest should be discussed, and fees should not be veiled.

Your next chapter
can be great.

We'd welcome the chance to visit with you to see if our service matches your needs.

Our process begins with a no-cost phone call and, later, a meeting. This allows us both to determine if working together is a fit.

We want you to come away from your visit feeling inspired.
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Director of Member Experience

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Founder/Lead Financial Planner

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Resident Financial Planner

Investment Committee

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Benjamin Webster CPA

Andrew VanDerSchaaf CPA

Let's explore how you can prepare for life after work.

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