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Investment Management

Investments are essential to any retirement plan. They help you reach your goals as well as combat the effects of inflation.

Yet, many people are unaware of these headwinds:

Doubled-Up Investments

This happens when the same holdings or similar investments are located in multiple accounts (401k, IRA, Roth IRA, Spousal IRA, or 401k). When these different accounts are not accounted for together as a whole, the result is increased risk. The technical term for this is called positive correlation.

By analyzing and monitoring all accounts, we can reduce risk.

Not Tax Efficient

Particular investments are suitable for non-tax qualified accounts. Often, we discover the same holdings located in a person's non-qualified accounts as they have in their IRA or 401k. Ensuring that the investments themselves are appropriate for the account tax type is a correction that can reduce your tax bill and positively impact your plan.

Unnecessary Expense

Most portfolios contain mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and mutual funds and ETFs include individual stocks and bonds. Though these individual stocks do not have an expense ratio, Mutual funds and ETFs do.

An expense ratio is an internal cost-covering marketing, fund management, advertising, and any other cost associated with running the fund. These costs are listed in the prospectus but not detailed on statements, and these are deducted before you see returns and ultimately affect the bottom line.

Lower expense ratios mean better results. As a fiduciary to our clients, it is our obligation to see if we can lower these expense ratios by using individual stock and low expense ratio ETFs.

Lack of Defined Purpose

Many people view their investments as a single pie chart. Their mountain of lifetime savings is waiting to be chiseled away little by little when they stop working. We help people assign a purpose to each account, so they understand its purpose. Some accounts will be low risk, while others will hold higher risk because of the timing of intended spending.

Each account has its own risk number assigned to it and monitored. The Risk Number is based on a Nobel prize-winning approach and can help you better understand what to expect with your investments.

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Retirement Income

To some, retirement means stopping working, and others love their work so much they will continue in some form to contribute to their profession. No matter what your definition of retirement is, someday, you'll need to convert yesterday’s savings into tomorrow’s paycheck replacement.

Sadly, most people lack a written income plan, only possessing typical investment statements.

Steady Monthly Income

First, we help you optimize your stable income sources like your Social Security benefits or pension. Optimizing your Social Security benefits for your unique plan is vital because it is a one-time decision that has a lifetime impact on your plan. If you are fortunate enough to have a private pension, this too creates decisions that make a lifetime impact on your plan.

Then we organize and maintain a One-page Income Map. Both you and your planning team should be aware of your immediate needs, your next needs, your annual needs, and your future needs and goals.

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Social Security Timing

When to claim your Social Security benefit is a one-time decision that impacts your monthly income for a lifetime. This income has an impact on your other retirement savings.

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We help you determine the best time to begin collecting your Social Security.

We must consider factors such as other income sources, when you stop working, and the tax status of your retirement savings. Other sources of income include:

Uncovered Pensions
Rental Income
Required Minimum Distributions
Dividends and Interests
Capital Gains
Other Considerations:
Personal Preferences
Family Health Conditions
Spousal Benefits
and more...

Although there are similarities in advice that would apply to families across the board, there are subtle differences to consider that would make Social Security advice unique for you.

By analyzing your entire financial picture, we can choose a Social Security timing strategy that reduces your tax bill in retirement and optimizes your income stream.

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Tax Planning

If we are not careful, we end up paying more than our fair share of taxes. Many people unknowingly leave the IRS an extra tip! Tax efficiency has two different phases, working years and retirement income years.

During your working years, it is important to be strategic by considering current tax reduction possibilities while keeping a careful eye on the future. Our Money Master Plan aims to keep taxes low today and in retirement.

We accomplish this through:

Performing an Annual Tax Return Analysis
Helping you adjust your savings vehicles to prioritize tax efficiency for today and the future.

Care must be taken during your retirement income years because new issues impact taxes. Medicare premium means testing (IRMMA tax), unintended extra taxation on Social Security benefits, required minimum distributions (RMDs), and future taxes, to name a few. It is possible to have a higher tax bill in retirement than you did as a working professional.

We accomplish this through:

Coordination of Social Security timing & timing of retirement account withdrawals
Considering Roth conversions annually
Asset Location
Charitable Giving
Avoiding unintended consequences

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Retirement Planning

As focused retirement planners, we know how to simplify the complex. We work together with you in a collaborative effort so that you participate in the plan and feel clarity and confidence. This next phase of life should be about meaningful pursuit rather than worry.

We accomplish this through:

One-Page Goal Summary

Our personalized one-page summary provides a high-level bottom line to important questions. You are on a proactive communication schedule so that you know where you stand with your goals and what is needed or expected next.


Improving and tracking the success rate of your plan.

Right Capital

Advanced financial planning software where we build and track your plan. You have access to Right Capital and can see how we track the plans' success rate while remaining flexible to adjust to life’s unknowns.


Monitoring & managing your investment strategy to stay in alignment with your retirement goal.

Monthly Paycheck

Turning your retirement savings into a steady monthly paycheck.

Tax Planning

Ongoing tax planning to pay as little tax as necessary.

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Estate Planning Directory

Our planning includes guidance around correctly planning for your estate goals. We help you choose between having a trust vs. a will, and we connect you to an attorney group that can complete the legal documents necessary.

When life events occur, we are there for you as your coach and guide. In addition to legal documents, we’re proud of our Money Master™ Estate Directory Service.

All of our members participate in our estate directory service. Simply put, it's a service we provide that organizes your essential people to call, phone numbers, account locations, and more so that a trusted person can make it easier for everyone during challenging health events.

The Estate Directory document and your other legal documents are in your online vault, and your trusted person can access them through our security check when needed. This highly unique service has been recognized by our members as a beneficial service when needed.

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estate planning?

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