In this episode, we share with you the relaunch of our podcast show and share a new series that we will be sharing with you all in the coming months, called Real Life.  

We also share some exciting updates about our company rebranding, as well a glimpse into who we are as a team.

We discuss the reasoning behind our new name and our excitement for what it means for the future.

You can also hear more during this episode about our Financial Planning Practice, Brindle & Bay, and learn more about what what Nick and Connie believe makes a trustworthy Financial Advisor.

For more information, please visit Brindle & Bay

[1:46] The relaunch of our podcast and some exciting updates

[3:18] Learn more about our rebranding

[5:13] Why Brindle & Bay

[8:26] Learn more about our practice

[12:08] What makes a trustworthy Financial Advisor?

Retirement Planning