[1:47] – I feel like I have more than enough. Should I start giving money away now to my kids and grandkids?

[3:07] – Investing for retirement seems fairly simple to me? Why not invest into dividend paying stocks and live off the interest?

[4:43] – I’m in my late 40’s and thinking about getting married. He is almost 60. Can this work financially while he is retired, and I am still working?

[6:09] – I have our retirement savings spread out in multiple types of accounts. Which type of accounts should I start withdrawing from first?

[8:42] – What is your opinion on robo advisors? Is this something work looking into?

[10:54] – My neighbor retired 2 years ago but has recently decided he needs to go back to work as money is too tight. I retired last month but I’m worried that the same thing will happen to me. How can I make sure that I won’t have to return to work?

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