To successfully complete a jigsaw puzzle, you have to have a couple of strategies in place to begin. In today’s episode we will talk about how you also have to think through strategies in planning your retirement.

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[2:21] Puzzle Strategy 1 – Look at the big picture.

[3:36] Retirement Strategy 1 – What is the big goal I am after in retirement? Look at the overall plan.

[4:43] Puzzle Strategy 2 – Build a framework.

[5:15] Retirement Strategy 2 –What will you need in retirement and what do you have? Begin putting those pieces together.

[6:15] Puzzle Strategy 3 - Separate pieces out by color.

[6:50] Retirement Strategy 3 - Bulk together items that you can work together on, for example, tax status and investment type.

[8:10] – Puzzle Strategy 4 – The puzzle is together. Now what?

[8:37] Retirement Strategy 4 – Ask the harder questions. When will you retire, and what do you plan to do after you retire? What will retirement look like and at what date?

Retirement Planning