2022 Money Resolutions:

[3:55] Reduce debt

[4:20] Boost your retirement savings amount

[5:11] Learn from 2020 and 2021 and prepare for the unexpected

[5:35] Don’t overreact to the headlines

[6:42] Implement a budget


[7:49] Meet with a financial planner

[8:10] Check beneficiary designations on your accounts

[8:53] Carve out time for a tough conversation about your healthcare wishes, legacy planning, etc. with your spouse

[9:50] Audit your insurance

[11:24] See if refinancing your home mortgage is a good idea

[11:42] Organize your financial life


[12:27] Check your credit

[12:41] Check your fees

[13:13] Share your knowledge

[13:52] Look for more donation opportunities

[14:07] Review your tax bracket

[14:25] Ask your advisor if a Roth Conversion is right for you

[15:38] Update paycheck holdings

[16:17] Rebalance your portfolio

[17:14] Plan out your strategy to transition into retirement

[18:13] Consolidate accounts

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