In this episode we talk all about Social Security.

Have you ever wondered when to take Social Security? Should you take it early, should you delay benefits? In this episode we will unpack reasoning to think through in timing your Social Security Benefit.

In this episode Nick also mentions a pdf download of our Social Security Mind Map. You can find that here.

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[2:03] Some questions to consider on Social Security.

[2:15] What is the earliest age you can begin taking Social Security?

[2:30] Reasons why you might take Social Security early.

[3:33] Download our mind map tool here.

[4:09] A few more reasons you might take Social Security early.

[4:23] Nick explains the term “break even” when it comes to Social Security.

[5:15] Reasons you might delay your social security benefit.

[6:55] Nick explains Survivor Benefits

[8:30] What do Nick and Connie enjoy doing when they aren’t working?

Social Security