Money has rules.

In this episode Nick will unpack the three qualities of money.

Nick and Connie will also unpack how to make not all investments can maintain these three money qualities at one time. However, your financial plan can and should account for this.

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[0:54] Investments are a give and take.

[2:14] Nick explains the three qualities of money

[2:49] Is there an investment to achieve all three qualities with my money?

[3:16] Nick unpacks quality one - growth.

[3:42] Nick unpacks quality two - safety.

[4:13] Nick unpacks quality three - liquidity.

[4:51] What are types of investments that achieve these qualities?

[6:30] Should there be an emphasis on one quality of money over the others?

[8:40] Investments cannot achieve all qualities of money but your financial plan can.

[11:59] Connie shares a few things she has learned from the most recent book she has been reading.

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